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NFL Betting in Canada

In today’s society betting on sports couldn’t be easier. If you have a computer and the ability to send of a cashier’s check then you are all set. Football is probably the most popular major league sport that people bet on. You can pick from College football or the NFL. There are several different options that you have for betting on NFL. They include points spread, totals, and an over/under bet. Some bets have a high risk and a high payout while others have a low risk and a lower payout. Pick which betting style will better suit you personally.

The Point Spread

There are several different NFL betting sites where you can use the point spread betting type. The point spread is probably the most common betting type that you can choose from. There is a favorite team, which is the team that is predicted to win, and an underdog team which is the team that is predicted to lose. The point spread generally offer odds of 11 to 10. It is a pretty low risk betting type and for that reason it is the most popular.

NFL Betting

The Money Line and Totals Bet

The money line bet is similar to the point spread bet by having a favorite team and an underdog team. However in money line betting the point spread is taken away. If you lay more money on the favorite then you will win less and if you place money on the underdog then you will win more. With a totals bet you have what is called an over/under bet. There will be a posted number which represents the amount of points scored per game and it is up to the bettor to wager if they think the score will be over the posted number or under it. If the score ends up being the same as the posted number then it is considered a tie and no money is won.

Prop bets and Future Bets

Prop bets are bets that are placed mostly just for fun. It can be anything from things like which team will score first or which team will score last. While they are fun to bet on it is not for everyone. There are a few people that have figured out how to play them well and can actually make a living off of these bets. When it comes to future bets it means that you have to have the ability to try and predict which team will win a certain match. The Superbowl is something that a lot of future bets are placed on. A future bet can also be if you think a certain team will go under the posted total wins for the season. If you are considering future bets then there are quite a few things you need to take into account. Things like past play, weather, and if the team has been hot or cold in the recent weeks are definitely determining factors that you want to consider before you place your future bet.

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